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I have found over the years that most business owners that I have been called-on to assist with their corporation’s documentation have simply ignored their corporation’s existence. I counsel business owners that you do not want to operate your business as a sole proprietorship or partnership. These are “bad” business models, providing absolutely no personal asset protection, subjecting that owner to UNLIMITED PERSONAL LIABILITY. Why risk the liability and devastation that could result if you have left yourself wide-open with no personal asset protection?

Many California business owners take on great personal risks with certain business formations, such as general partnerships and sole-proprietorships. These business entities do not offer any personal asset protection and expose the owner to UNLIMITED RISK . I am dedicated to helping business people in California protect themselves from UNLIMITED personal liability and substantially reduce their taxes.

Call me…”I’ll help you Choose the Right Business Entity”. Take advantage of my 38 years of legal experience.

Every business has unique needs, and every business owner has unique priorities. I will personally discuss your situation with you, taking as long as you need, and help you decide which business formation is best for you: Corporation or Limited Liability Company:

  • “S” Corporations often provide a good tax election option for small businesses.
  • A C Corporation may be the better choice for larger companies with higher gross sales.
  • Professional corporations provide important benefits for professionals such as doctors, dentists and accountants.
  • A Limited Liability Company (LLC) has an extremely flexible management structure and provides important entity protection for the owners. Particularly advantageous as an asset protection vehicle for real property.

Regardless of which business organization you choose to form, I always offer a flat fee and provide everything you need for your new business entity. I work hard to provide convenient, timely legal services for every client. For your convenience, we can complete everything over the phone.

After your business entity is formed, I will always be available to answer your questions and address your concerns. It is a free service for my Corporation and LLC clients. You will never have any surprises and I will not waste your time. .

Call me for your Revocable Living Trust. Your Estate Can Avoid Probate Fees

Estate Planning for Your Family

Creating a revocable living trust can save your loved ones time and money in the future. Create a plan for your assets and your family’s financial future. The plan envisions who will inherit your assets, in what amounts and who will disperse your assets.

This kind of trust offers flexibility now, while still allowing you to control how your assets will be distributed after your death. As part of your estate plan, I will draft the revocable living trust, a pour-over will and durable powers of attorney for finances and healthcare, and a healthcare directive. It’s a terrific Estate Plan Package.

California, by statute, sets the amount of probate fees (a statutory fee) which is a percentage of the value of the estate. This fee can be avoided by setting up your revocable living trust and titling your property into the trust.

For example, suppose that the total value of the probate estate is $500,000. To calculate the fee as required by the Probate Code, take 4% of the first $100,000 = $4,000; then take 3% of the next $100,00=$3,000; then take 2% of the final $300,000=$6,000. The total statutory fee is $13,000 each for the attorney and the executor of the estate: a whopping $26,000. This fee can be avoided by the use of the revocable living trust.

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