What Is Included In Your Complete Corporation?

“You’ll never have any surprises and I will not waste your time.”

I offer complete incorporation for a flat attorney fee of $499 . I’ll take care of all the details for you, checking with the Secretary of State for name availability of your corporation. I will prepare and customize everything you need for your corporation, including:

  • Name Search to make sure your corporate name is available
  • Customized Filed Articles of Incorporation
  • Customize your Corporation’s By-laws (these are the rules and regulations of your corporation).
  • Customize the Corporation’s Organizational Meeting Minutes of directors and shareholders.
  • Customized Corporate Resolutions
  • Stock Journal Ledger a record indicating all shareholders’ ownership interests in the corporation
  • Customized Corporate Binder Notebook
  • Customized Stock Certificates for the owners of the corporation or LLC
  • Federal Tax ID Number : You’ll need it to operate your business and to open the corporation’s bank account. I’ll give you the phone number…..It’s a 5 minute phone call. They will give you your corporation or LLC new Federal Tax I.D. Number right over the phone.
  • Stock issued in mandatory compliance with California Corporate Securities Laws or an exemption, at no additional charge.
  • S tax election option available, at no extra cost
  • I include for FREE: The State of California requires that there be two MANDATORY annual meetings a year required for a corporation to stay in corporate mandatory compliance. FREE , at no additional cost, I include my VERY SIMPLE specially created customized corporate forms you’ll need for the preparation of, among other things, these two mandatory (required) annual corporate meetings per year to keep YOUR CORPORATION in corporate compliance. I tell you what to do, how to do it and give you the forms to do it with . It’s very simple and takes only 7-8 minutes a year.
  • Indemnity Provisions in Articles of Incorporation and bylaws of the corporation requiring the corporation to hold harmless and indemnify the officers and directors in respect to actions they took on behalf of the corporation.
  • Need Quick Filing : 2 day and 8 day Expedited Filing available Call me for my low prices .
    When you order expedited filing: You’ll receive you filed Articles by email or fax directly from my attorney service in Sacramento. You’ll even be able to open a corporate bank account in as little as within 2 days or 8 days. Normal time to receive your Complete Corporation is about 17 days.
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